Professor Eugene Mazo, J.D., Ph.D.

Rutgers Law School
123 Washington Street
Newark, N.J. 07102

Telephone: (973) 353-5332
Twitter: @eugenemazo


Eugene Mazo is law professor who specializes in the study of democracy. He is currently teaching at Rutgers Law School in Newark, New Jersey, and has also taught at the Wake Forest University School of Law in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Professor Mazo writes in the areas of election law, constitutional law, and legislation, and he often teaches those topics in addition to first-year courses such as contracts, torts, and civil procedure. Professor Mazo's research focuses on the regulation of the political process, democratic development, and constitutional design. His book Election Law Stories (co-edited with Joshua A. Douglas) is being published by Foundation Press in 2016. He is currently working on a second book, Democracy by the People: Reforming Campaign Finance in America (with Timothy K. Kuhner), which will be published in 2017. Prior to beginning his teaching career, Professor Mazo founded an appellate law firm that focused on counseling clients on complex litigation matters. He also worked for two large law firms and served as the general counsel of a small company in Silicon Valley.


Professor Mazo has long been a scholar of the democratic process. His doctoral work focused on understanding how new democracies design their legal systems and create new constitutions, and particularly how this process has been carried out in Russia and Eastern Europe. Professor Mazo has worked as a post-doctoral scholar and research fellow at the Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (CDDRL), been an affiliated scholar of the Center for International Security and Cooperation (CISAC), and spent time as a visiting researcher at the Center for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (CREEES), all at Stanford University. He has been awarded grants for his research by the John M. Olin Foundation, the Social Science Research Council, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. A graduate of Columbia College, Professor Mazo received a master's degree from Harvard, his doctorate in politics and international relations from Oxford, and a law degree from Stanford.

In the Media

Professor Mazo and his scholarship have repeatedly been cited in the media. Professor Mazo's name has appeared in the New York Times, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune, San Jose Mercury News, and Foreign Policy. Locally in North Carolina, where he spends much of his time, he has also been cited in the Charlotte Observer, Greensboro News & Record, and Winston-Salem Journal. Professor Mazo has been a guest blogger on Prawfsblawg and can often be found ruminating about democracy on Twitter. His articles are available on the Social Science Research Network.