Professor Mazo's scholarship focuses on the challenges of maintaining democratic legitimacy and transparency in our political system. He writes about how we can protect the right to vote and reform campaign finance. His work is publicly available on the Social Science Research Network

Articles & Book Chapters

Finding Common Ground on Voter ID Laws

University of Memphis Law Review | forthcoming 2019

Our Campaign Finance Nationalism 

46 Pepperdine Law Review | forthcoming 2019

Path-Dependency in Russian Constitutionalism 

Richard Albert & Menaka Guruswamy (eds.), Founding Moments in Constitutionalism | forthcoming 2019

Private Ordering and the Law of Democracy 

103 Iowa Law Review Online | forthcoming 2018

Democracy by the Wealthy

Eugene D. Mazo & Timothy K. Kuhner (eds.), Democracy by the People | October 2018 (with Tim Kuhner)

Regulating Campaign Finance through Legislative Recusal

Eugene D. Mazo & Timothy K. Kuhner (eds.), Democracy by the People | October 2018

Rethinking Presidential Eligibility

85 Fordham Law Review 1045 | December 2016

Residency and Democracy

43 Florida State University Law Review 611 | September 2016

The Right to Vote in Local Elections

Joshua A. Douglas and Eugene D. Mazo (eds.), Election Law Stories | April 2016

The Maturing of Election Law

Joshua A. Douglas and Eugene D. Mazo (eds.), Election Law Stories | April 2016

The Upstream Problem in Constitutionalism

50 Wake Forest Law Review 795 | November 2015

The Voting Rights Act at 50: A Perspective

14 Election Law Journal 282 | September 2015

Campaign Finance and the Ecology of Democratic Speech

103 Kentucky Law Journal 529 | August 2015 (with Michael Kent Curtis)

The Disappearance of Corruption in Campaign Finance

Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy 259 | 2014 

Constitutional Roulette

41 Stanford Journal of International Law 125 | 2005

What Causes Democracy?

Stanford Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law Working Papers, No. 38 | 2005