Professor Mazo knows that his students all have different learning styles, and he uses multiple methods to convey complex information in the classroom. He has consistently received outstanding teaching evaluations. 

Professor Mazo teaches the following courses:

  • Election Law
  • Constitutional Law 
  • Legislation
  • Civil Procedure I
  • Civil Procedure II
  • Torts I
  • Torts II
  • Contracts I
  • Contracts II
  • Trusts & Estates

    What former students say

    • "Such a great teacher!" - a student at Seton Hall University
    • "Professor Mazo is a very natural educator with a true gift for teaching" - a law student at Rutgers University
    • "Professor Mazo is highly accessible, knows the material very well, is always engaged with students in thought-provoking discussions during class, takes a lot of time in preparing class, and is a great teacher" - a law student at Wake Forest University
    • "Professor Mazo is the best professor I have had in law school. He makes civil procedure fun (which shouldn't be possible) and is always available to help students both in and out of the classroom. Everything about his teaching helped me learn the subject matter" - a law student at George Mason University
    • "Professor Mazo was a great professor. He presented the material in a very effective manner. He was straight forward with what we needed to know and ensured we understood the material before moving forward with a new topic. He was energetic and encouraged participation. His energy helped keep the class interesting" - a law student at Wake Forest University
    • "Professor Mazo clearly has a love for teaching and it is evident in all aspects of how this course was taught. This course makes me feel well prepared in understanding civil procedure and I feel as though I will retain this information for a long time. Amazing professor! I would gladly take any class taught by him" - a law student at George Mason University
    • "Professor Mazo is an outstanding teacher! He made a boring topic very enjoyable. The class was always delightful and high energy" - a law student at Wake Forest University
    • "A very enthusiastic teacher who integrates real life experience into the classroom" - a law student at Rutgers University